The Successful Career of Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is a recognized brand leader and consultant. He grew up between Paris and Southern France in Corsica. Corsica is a more relaxed city with an outdoor lifestyle. In contrast, Steve was attracted to Paris, which is a city with a lot of creativity, innovativeness and is dynamic in terms of the culture. As a result, Steve Lesnard got a lot of exposure from a young age. He went to Paris, where he studied in a business school. After the business school, he moved to Babson College in the United States where he got an MBA in Entrepreneurship. While still in college, he got experience which made him interested in International Business.

As a marketer, his first job in Wolford which is a women’s fashion brand of opulence. Steve Lesnard was among the team that helped Wolford to be successfully launched into the European market. He also helped the fashion house to come up with high-quality products which led to market expansion. His marketing strategies and product innovativeness made a positive impact in Wolford. After Wolford, Steve joined an athletic sports brand which is one of the biggest in the world. He had an amazing career for more than 20 years. This place gave made him the successful consultant that he is. His experience in sports marketing helped him to gain knowledge of the consumer-centric mind-set, the importance of preparation, and the power of resilience in reaching the set goals.

Steve Lesnard is passionate about product design and marketing. After a long career in sports marketing, he joined footwear marketing. Here, he led a team of professionals where they came up with products that made the company 400 million dollars. From footwear, Steve moved to brand marketing and helped in the marketing of the Olympics held in London, Beijing, and Rio in Brazil. He has also participated in campaigns promoting the World Cup. Lesnard has been successful in his career; his secret is hard work, commitment, and preparation, which he learnt from the sports company he worked in. He is always looking for the gap in every business, especially the new businesses. This has made him work on very ambitious and big projects.

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