The Kennedy Center Supporters — Dick and Betsy Devos

I am satisfied Dick Devos was proud of the Kennedy Center’s fund-raising goal that exceeded its expected target. Thus, Betsy Devos earlier served the all-purpose facility as a board member. With contributions from major donors, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has expanded its rehearsal, educational, dining and office spaces.



Dick and his wife have faithfully followed the lead of their parents by being examples of charitable givers, community activists, and leaders as well. Since launching the D & B Devos Family Foundation, 1989, Dick has headed downtown Grand Rapids improvement. Also, he is a board member of Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids Economic Club, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


No matter of socioeconomic level or location, Betsy Devos has been a fighter for all students to receive an excellent education. Now, she works in the Trump Administration as the Secretary of Education. For 30 years of marriage, she and her husband, Dick Devos has four children, two sons-in-law, and a daughter-in-law — including five grandchildren. Further, Mrs. Devos is focusing her duties on the Administration position instead of her Foundation.


However, Dick DeVos business career comprises various administrative positions such as the Basketball Team Orlando Magic and Amway. At this time, he is the President of The Windquest Group. Mr. Devos has much experience from his responsibility as President of Amway, 1993 to 2002. Before serving as president, he was the company’s Vice-president.


What is more, Dick Devos was responsible for all facets of the company’s operations in and throughout the country. There is much to be unveiled about his leadership as vice-president of Amway International. Added to his many business roles, DeVos has been a guide in a broad range of community enterprises.



In 2006, Dick Devos spent more than $40 million in the running for governor of Michigan. Many considered him to be the wealthiest man running for governorship during that time. However, the campaign money did him no benefit as he lost the election by a margin of 14 points. The business entrepreneur is devoting his time in the organizational upsurge, commercial innovation, and building the community.


The Devos family is mourning the loss of Dick’s mother, Mrs. Helen DeVos on October 18, 2017. And, they are celebrating her amazing life of 90 years. Mrs. Helen DeVos was a teacher and philanthropist. She was also a mother, wife, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Furthermore, Mrs. Helen thrived in bringing out the best in her children. Also, outside the family, she displayed what it meant to love and have a concern for the social welfare of others.


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