Madison Street Capital Completes Merger Deal With Two Leading Companies

At the beginning of the year 2017, Madison Street Capital completed a merger and acquisition deal with both DCG Software and Spitfire Group. These are two of the leading medium sized technology companies in the United States. Madison Street Capital worked to help the two companies merge in order to During this merger, the firm provided key financial advice that would allow the two companies to find a way to combine their assets and form a new better company that is more prosperous. With this merger, Madison Street Capital has once again proven to be a vital entity when it comes to helping companies reach their full potential.


Shortly after this recent merger and acquisition deal was completed, Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway announced the deal being made. He said that the deal was led by Jay Rodgers who was instrumental in working out the details of the merger. According to Botchway, the two companies are led by two excellent management teams which include the CEO of DCG Software Mike Harris and Mark Richtermeyer who is the current CEO of Spitfire. Botchway said that it was a great experience to work with both of these business leaders.


From the very first meeting to the closing of the deal, the team led by Jay Rodgers who was able to provide a comprehensive analysis and key insight of the deal. Mike Harris said that he and Mark Richtermeyer plan to work together with the MSC team in order to help grow and expand their respective businesses. This deal will likely allow the two companies to increase the value of the software products they sell as well as improving its overall services. Making this deal will help make the two companies among the most prosperous in the entire technology industry.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that specializes in serving medium sized companies. The firm works with these types of companies in a variety of industries including technology, automotive and finance. In order to best serve its many clients, Madison Street Capital emphasizes core values of integrity, excellence, leadership and service. As part of its approach to serving companies, the firm looks to adopt a mentality where they are part of the client company. This ensures that the firm always has the client’s best interest. There are a number of services that this firm offers to its clients. These include mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory, business valuation and debt financing. All of these services are available to help clients more efficiently manage their capital and find ways to grow and expand. Over the years, Madison Street Capital has received positive recognition. In recent years, it won a number of key awards in the finance industry including one that entailed debt financing.


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