Madison Street Capital – article recap

Madison Street Capital has received an excellent overview for the year of 2015. This year more than 42 hedge funds were closed or announced. The 2015 transaction volume was measured by AUM and was determined to be approximately 27% higher than in previous years. Such success was reached due to the waver of successful fourth quarter transactions. The transactions in the third quarter made up a large percentage of the profits which kept Madison Street Capital in the black. Thanks to those closing quarter transactions, the year is set to be a massively profitable year. Hedge fund assets have been higher than previously reported in years. This is due to managers’ willingness to adapt to the changing markets and produce profits which are sustainable. The trend in hedge fund management has shown us that mediocre performance must be alleviated through diligent effort. The hedge funds that showed mediocre returns in the past years have seen dismal reviews and retention rates. It is of absolute importance to provide a premium return for clients and Madison Street Capital understands this.


While the smaller hedge funds have struggled to maintain their profitability in the industry Madison Street Capital has not seen any lag in their bottom line. The institutional investors at the company have researched into ways to become more profitable across the board by making greater contributions and investments into the alternative asset management sector. By managing their funds in new and innovative ways, the Madison Street Capital reputation is one of new and exciting investment managers. Their managers have won the M&A Awards for the most innovative transaction due to their new deal with an automotive company. Their debt underwriting and asset management have proven to be the best in the market and they were recognized as being the top company out of more than 620 from around the country.


The M&A Awards took place in Chicago and the companies that were recognized represented the best hedge funds and investment banks in the country. There were keynote speakers in attendance; they were the top investors from prestigious firms. Such a packed list of respected names makes the attendance a true honor. The smaller hedge firms which were having difficulty presenting reasonable returns were happy to hear the speakers and gain some insight into alternative methods of investment. The innovative of these great companies will provide many great benefits for companies and individuals seeking their service.


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