Gulf Coast Western: Spearheading Oil and Gas Exploration

Based in Dallas, Gulf Coast Western is a firm whose objective is exploring and developing oil as well as gas reserves. The company was formed in 1970. It has different activities in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, in addition to Texas. The main exploration and acquisition activities are not just in oil but gas in the Gulf Coast. These regions can quickly develop thousands of acres. Gulf Coast Western is also reviewing the current expansion opportunities in the US. Besides, Gulf Coast Western is the managing partner of Oil and Gas General Partnerships.

Background Information

The Managing Venture combines its resources and talent to explore oil and gas resources. It also concentrates on properties that have geological advantages such as well developed structures. The success of the firm is attributed to its CEO, Matthew Fleeger. He is in charge of general operations. Over the years, he has devoted time and other resources to the development of the firm. As such, Gulf Coast Western has become a household name in the industry. It values transparent relationships with its clients and has always upheld its accredited partners. Gulf Coast’s relationships created on mutual trust as well as respect via operating with integrity.

Profile of Partnerships and New Ventures

Gulf Coast Western has mainly expanded through two partnerships namely Orbit Gulf Coast which has acquired all of its assets. Therefore, Gulf Coast Western has obtained property rights and access to significant estates within the firm. The company currently produces hundreds of oil barrels that are equivalent to an entire reserve. Gulf Coast Western focuses on the exploration and lease of oil in various regions. The second arm of operations mainly focuses on expansion into the US. The company has additional partnerships that include over 1,000 accredited collaborations across the world. About 70 percent of the stakeholders have participated in the joint venture.