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Madison Street Capital – article recap

Madison Street Capital has received an excellent overview for the year of 2015. This year more than 42 hedge funds were closed or announced. The 2015 transaction volume was measured by AUM and was determined to be approximately 27% higher than in previous years. Such success was reached due to the waver of successful fourth quarter transactions. The transactions in the third quarter made up a large percentage of the profits which kept Madison Street Capital in the black. Thanks to those closing quarter transactions, the year is set to be a massively profitable year. Hedge fund assets have been higher than previously reported in years. This is due to managers’ willingness to adapt to the changing markets and produce profits which are sustainable. The trend in hedge fund management has shown us that mediocre performance must be alleviated through diligent effort. The hedge funds that showed mediocre returns in the past years have seen dismal reviews and retention rates. It is of absolute importance to provide a premium return for clients and Madison Street Capital understands this.


While the smaller hedge funds have struggled to maintain their profitability in the industry Madison Street Capital has not seen any lag in their bottom line. The institutional investors at the company have researched into ways to become more profitable across the board by making greater contributions and investments into the alternative asset management sector. By managing their funds in new and innovative ways, the Madison Street Capital reputation is one of new and exciting investment managers. Their managers have won the M&A Awards for the most innovative transaction due to their new deal with an automotive company. Their debt underwriting and asset management have proven to be the best in the market and they were recognized as being the top company out of more than 620 from around the country.


The M&A Awards took place in Chicago and the companies that were recognized represented the best hedge funds and investment banks in the country. There were keynote speakers in attendance; they were the top investors from prestigious firms. Such a packed list of respected names makes the attendance a true honor. The smaller hedge firms which were having difficulty presenting reasonable returns were happy to hear the speakers and gain some insight into alternative methods of investment. The innovative of these great companies will provide many great benefits for companies and individuals seeking their service.


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Future Of Email With Talk Fusion

Bob Reina founded the network marketing company Talk Fusion with hopes to revolutionize the way that many look at email applications. So many companies receive outrageous numbers of emails on a daily basis, so the workload for employees can become intense. Bob realized this and introduced the concept of video email, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of your average boring outline of words, this design has the recipient in mind. Open up your email, and see a video that you can click on with exactly what you are looking to hear.


Talk Fusion has also recently began its online training program that is private, where the user can get expert training from Bob Reina himself. He uses the system that he developed for himself and passes that knowledge on to all users to better themselves. Bob has a huge following and the University currently hosts over 30 step by step videos in which he explains many methods of growth to others. A Talk Fusion ID is required, and the goal is to make you stand out from the competition.  Learn more:


The best part about Talk Fusion and Talk Fusion University is the betterment of people. Everything that is created or accomplished is for the good of others. Anyone could have created some digital answer to boring emails, but Bob Reina felt that would not be enough. Clearly from the time that has been put in establishing such a company, to the worldwide connection that Talk Fusion University has created, there is nowhere to go but up. They are truly changing the way that people view email, and with so many options and variations, there will soon be no such thing as a boring email. Bob Reina has changed the face of email as we know it, and now that face is more than an image or download. It is a true video dedicated to the recipient, made with time and care to get a message across.

A Reserved Perspective On Money

To Behold The Value Of Gold Or To Spot Its Price


The only way to identify the value of gold is by looking at its spot price. The spot price of gold brings a few clear prospects to the investment equation. Gold is still a world standard, it still has value as a cherished metal in jewelry and it is still traded as bars or coins everyday. There’s a strong legacy to the actual value of gold.


The foundation of all gold trading is now epitomized by the U.S. Money Reserve. This is an American agency who trades gold investment products based on the current spot price of gold. The spot price of any precious metal is based on a number of factors. The end result is a number that values a precious metal at its live, market price.



Marking This Day In History


There are agencies in the gold market who allow investors to trade in all products of real bullion. Bullion is associated with precious metals when they are in their raw forms. What this means is that bullion of silver can be the resource used for jewelry, a silver coin or an Olympic medallion. There are many popular uses that precious metals undergo.


The U.S. Money Reserve is leading the United States as the most secure bullion options in the national market. The agency makes history today as it supplies the U.S. and world market with vast amounts of gold. There’s a large infrastructure to gold that’s continuing to be built. The marketplace takes into account the retail quality of gold and its political place.



A Steady Climb In Modern Demand


The steady climb that specialists see in the gold bullion is grounded in its political standing. The identity of gold, as seen across the world, surpasses currencies that rely on electricity, printing or government backing. These are not the only reasons for admiring the strength gold. The precious metals remain a prominent investment option because of security.


The world steadily expands as we also see the political place of gold remain. The U.S. Money Reserve does such a substantial distribution in the United States that it out paces the U.S. market. There’s a steady demand in bullion products and world nations are collecting their own share. The mining companies are also producing less.


The result is another rise to come from gold.

Ronald Fowlkes: Using All His Skills for the Good

Ronald Fowlkes of St. Louis, Missouri is a business development manager of commercial products/ law enforcement products or Eagle Industries Unlimited (ATK). His responsibilities include offering product education to more than 150 sales personnel and product selection for sales and development throughout the nation. He has been in this position since July 2008. Eagle Industries Unlimited is located in Fenton, Missouri.


His Past Experience


Fowkles’ extensive background in regards to tactical products and training is derived from being a contractor for the Department of Defense and from serving in the Navy-Marine Corps. He also has more than 13 years of experience serving the community in law enforcement. While working as a contractor for the Department of Defense along Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), he dismounted and mounted infantry operations in a combat zone. Fowkles also instructed US military personnel in CQB rescue, tactical operations, hostage rescue, evidence collection, post-blast analysis, and captured and detained individuals’ tactical questioning.


While being a law enforcement agent of ST. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the ST. Louis County Police Department, he became a certified instructor in the shoot house, tactical rifle, SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics, and defensive tactics. He and his team were responsible for all hostage and barricaded subjects incidents. When his unit wasn’t tactically deployed, they were responsible for self-initiating investigations regarding illegal gun possession, gang activity, and the illegal narcotics trafficking in the cities with the most violent neighborhoods.


While serving the US Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993, he served the First Gulf War, he was promoted twice with merit, he attended various courses, including the US Army Parachute School, the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO), and the Basic Engineer course. Fowkles, later on, earned his training in NSWF Combat Diver School and his advance Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia. His 1st ANGLICO course is a small unit parachute operations, including naval gunfire missions, reconnaissance, and air gunfire missions. Throughout these courses, non-encrypted and encrypted radios were used as well as a (MULE) laser designator.


His Interests/Hobbies


When Fowlkes is not working, he coaches his son’s hockey team. Other times, he is involved in the sport in another way. And his other interest/hobbies include volunteering, other sports, causes, and coaching.


Richard Blair Shares 3 Tips That Will Help You Build Wealth

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been helping Austin residents build wealth for over 30 years. He now wants to share his knowledge with the world in hopes of helping even more people get their finances in order so they can retire and never have to worry about money.


Here are 3 tips Richard Blair uses to help his clients build wealth:


Tip #1 – Identify Your Goals


Knowing your financial goals is the first and most important step when it comes to building wealth. The idea is to get a clear understanding of where you are coming from so you can create a roadmap to get to where you want to be.


Setting clear goals will help you identify what type of investments you want to make and how soon you want to make them.


Tip #2 – Focus On Developing a Long Term Strategy


To build sustainable wealth you will need a long term strategy. Your strategy should be specific to your personal investment goals as well as your liquidity needs.


Focus on managing your assets in a way that will maximize the performance of your portfolio. You should also come up with a strategy to minimize your losses when the market is down.


Tip #3 – Figure Out Your Insurance Needs


One thing wealthy people have is plenty of insurance. You want to make sure you have adequate long term care insurance as well as a decent life insurance policy. This is something you should discuss with your spouse or children.


Who Is Richard Blair?


Richard Blair is the Founder of Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm he launched in 1984.


For more than 30 years he has been helping Austin residents grow, protect and manage their wealth.


Blair grew up in a family full of teachers. Because of this he was able to see just how powerful education can be. He witnessed first hand how teaching can grow an individuals confidence and literally transform their lives.


This is what inspired him to build his business around educating people and showing them what it takes to build true wealth.


To learn more about Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions visit the company website at

The Kennedy Center Supporters — Dick and Betsy Devos

I am satisfied Dick Devos was proud of the Kennedy Center’s fund-raising goal that exceeded its expected target. Thus, Betsy Devos earlier served the all-purpose facility as a board member. With contributions from major donors, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has expanded its rehearsal, educational, dining and office spaces.



Dick and his wife have faithfully followed the lead of their parents by being examples of charitable givers, community activists, and leaders as well. Since launching the D & B Devos Family Foundation, 1989, Dick has headed downtown Grand Rapids improvement. Also, he is a board member of Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids Economic Club, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


No matter of socioeconomic level or location, Betsy Devos has been a fighter for all students to receive an excellent education. Now, she works in the Trump Administration as the Secretary of Education. For 30 years of marriage, she and her husband, Dick Devos has four children, two sons-in-law, and a daughter-in-law — including five grandchildren. Further, Mrs. Devos is focusing her duties on the Administration position instead of her Foundation.


However, Dick DeVos business career comprises various administrative positions such as the Basketball Team Orlando Magic and Amway. At this time, he is the President of The Windquest Group. Mr. Devos has much experience from his responsibility as President of Amway, 1993 to 2002. Before serving as president, he was the company’s Vice-president.


What is more, Dick Devos was responsible for all facets of the company’s operations in and throughout the country. There is much to be unveiled about his leadership as vice-president of Amway International. Added to his many business roles, DeVos has been a guide in a broad range of community enterprises.



In 2006, Dick Devos spent more than $40 million in the running for governor of Michigan. Many considered him to be the wealthiest man running for governorship during that time. However, the campaign money did him no benefit as he lost the election by a margin of 14 points. The business entrepreneur is devoting his time in the organizational upsurge, commercial innovation, and building the community.


The Devos family is mourning the loss of Dick’s mother, Mrs. Helen DeVos on October 18, 2017. And, they are celebrating her amazing life of 90 years. Mrs. Helen DeVos was a teacher and philanthropist. She was also a mother, wife, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Furthermore, Mrs. Helen thrived in bringing out the best in her children. Also, outside the family, she displayed what it meant to love and have a concern for the social welfare of others.


Visit to learn more.

Lime Crime is offering a bolder look with its makeup

As you engage yourself in questions on whether to become an entrepreneur or not, it is important to ask yourself a couple of questions. You also need motivations and milestones in order to keep your business on Track. As an Entrepreneur, Doe Deere offered some tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur. First and foremost it is important for people to engage in things they are passionate about and not just the things that others do and get good money from. Select something you are good at and grow it. According to Doe Deere, everything requires attention and growth but something you are good to work makes it easier to be motivated towards. For every business, there has to be a challenge. For the business to grow, the challenges have to be addressed accordingly and people have to learn from their mistakes.

Doe Deere also advises that people can take up lessons through other people’s mistakes. Other people who started a business also underwent some problems at some stages in the business cycle. You can be able to pick up their mistakes as lessons and points of advice to note as you start or run your business. She goes ahead and says that beginning a business in itself is a risk so people should not shy away from engaging further in calculated risks. Fear of the unknown should not hinder anyone from engaging in risky endeavors as long as it is not blindly. This is how Doe Deere managed to start and run Lime Crime.

Lime Crime provides high-quality makeup and cosmetics to its clients. Doe Deere had a unique idea that she embraced and grew into a business. Lime Crime sets makeup trends that become a source of interest for many people. Doe Deere who is the CEO of this company was born in Russia and brought up in America, New York City. She believes in the freedom and expression of oneself through makeup. She is also a strong supporter and motivator for women in business. Doe had an early eye for art. She had an online store on eBay where she modeled her own clothes. While she conducted this business, she saw a need and opportunity for offering make up that stood out and she went for it. She has since taken up the feedback given on her products to advance and better her products for her clients. With her constant persistence and hard work since 2014, Lime Crime has become very successful in its line of work.


Talk Fusion: Time To Start Believing

If someone out there does not believe in Talk Fusion, they need to start reading the headlines and start reading what is happening with this one of a kind company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this is for people that know they have a great business, believe in themselves, and know they have more to show than what they have shown so far. They have an extra trick up their sleeve, so to speak. It is a second chance and it is redemption and it is coming from an award-winning company in Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion.


As far as the features, video emails are a great way to connect with potential business partners and say a lot without having to write a lot. Let’s face it: people are on the go nowadays. Because of this, they need to send out a video email to express as much as they can in the video. It also allows for people to see the face of the person. When they see their face, they can sense passion, enthusiasm or even a lack thereof. With a regular text email, that can get lost in the shuffle. There is no room for misunderstanding with a video email and Talk Fusion’s video emails are one of their most popular features.


Talk Fusion is looking to do everything and anything with video, chat, voice, and data. They want to use all of the wonderful technology out there to help people and make the world easier and more effective for everyone in it. They know it is the key to harmony in the world. The people that are media giants, the Technology Marketing Corporation (, have clearly stood up and paid attention.


They awarded them the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which is a big award to win. It was their second award from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. It has many people talking about what is going to happen in 2017 for the company, as now they are a decade old. It has been a decade to remember with a lot of satisfied customers.


How Market America Products Improve Healthy Living

Market America products range from health to beauty items. The products are suitable for improving health such as losing weight. Market America products also include cosmetics and baby products. The products available at Market America suit the needs of all the customers.

Market America has TLS Weight Loss Solution for the clients who need to lose weight. TLS Nutrition Shakes are used between meals to reduce hunger. TLS Nutrition Shakes can also be taken as a replacement for a meal. They are taken together with TLS Weight Loss Solution if they are to replace the regular meal. TLS CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor are available for customers who want to improve leptin sensitivity. TLS CORE is important in suppressing the appetite.It also helps in preventing the body system from converting excess sugar to fats. Market America products include TLS Tonalin® CLA which is used to reduce the fat in the body.It is also a fundamental product in removing the stubborn belly fat and maintaining the lean muscle. Try TLS Tonalin CLA is used for continuous weight loss.

DNA Miracles are one of the Market America products. Market America offers OPC-3 Chews which are good in antioxidant defense in all the cells in the body of a child. Additionally, the product is suitable for maintaining the health of the brain and healthy circulation. Chewable Probiotics which contains bacterial strains are available for the children health benefit. The product ensures that the child benefits from selected probiotics which are good for digestive health. Market America products are good for improving the quality of life.

Aloha Construction Inc. Grows Across Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin

Aloha Construction Inc. is looking forward to another roofing and siding season to assist the people of the Northern Illinois community where they live. The area has already put up with high winds, hail, rain, and other adverse weather that has caused damage to some homes in the area, so there should be no shortage of work this spring and summer.

The Aloha Construction Company now proudly services all of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. David A. Farbaky is the President/CEO of the Aloha Construction Inc. which also has completed about 7,000 projects within the state of Illinois and broke 20,000 projects overall already this season. The Bloomington office of the company is soon to take on an equal workload to their more establish Zurich counterpart. Soon the company will also be offering kitchen and bathroom remodels that was to launch in May of 2017 from the established Lake Zurich headquarters.


The Aloha Construction Inc. brand is a family-owned and operated company that has grown from a small independent company into a complete general contractor that offers an array of different services across northern Illinois and lower Wisconsin. We currently employ between 51-200 people and currently offer a variety of services including roofing, vinyl siding, seamless gutters, repair from storm damage, and many other services to customers throughout our existing, viewing area. Aloha Construction Inc. is served by the Better Business Bureau as well as receiving an “A+”-rating from them as well. The Aloha Construction Inc. brand is fully branded, licensed, ensured, and insured offering a 10-year Craftsmanship warranty on all of the work that they do.