Ara Chackerian: Entrepreneur for New Health Care Technology

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur with business efforts in San Francisco. Chackerian has been an entrepreneur for decades. Ara Chackerian specializes in the healthcare field, specifically with healthcare technology. Healthcare technology is a field where individuals and entities market healthcare devices and equipment that is used in hospitals and medical centers. Ara Chackerian has founded many enterprises that work in the industry of diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic imaging is a type of medical treatment that has various uses. Diagnostics can be used to identify abnormal cell growth.

Ara Chackerian is working to develop a treatment in the mental health industry. The treatment is called transcranial magnetic stimulation. Along with his business partner, Chackerian is hoping to develop this new treatment and market it to hospitals and medical centers. Chackerian has been able to maximize fund potential for numerous medical devices. Medical devices have the ability to change trends in the medical industry. If a new device is properly marketed, it can become widely implemented.

Ara Chackerian is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions is a funded treatment provider for transcranial magnetic services. This treatment is said to treat depression by using magnetic stimulation that is applied to the body. This treatment is said to react with the nerves in the body. As a result, new studies have been conducted regarding the technology of magnetic stimulation. Ara Chackerian has invested in numerous startup companies in hopes to receive back his investment plus equity earnings.

Ara Chackerian believes digital healthcare is a trend that will continue to expand in popularity. Telemedicine and digital healthcare apps are services Chackerian recommends for their ability to generate success within the market. Chackerian believes the trends of social media will carry over to the industry of healthcare as a result of new mobile devices.