Academy Of Art University Aims To Break Art And Athletics Stereotype Through Coaction

A lot of literature and media materials depicts people with athleticism and people who like to improve in certain areas of academics as polar opposites. In fact, this is more popularly known as the typical “jocks” and “nerds” in modern literature and are always pitted against each other. However, it doesn’t always have to be the case.

Academy of Art University is one of the institutions that believes art and athletics can bring each other’s best using coaction. Academy of Art University, an art school located in San Francisco, California, has been trying to synergize the athleticism and the art side of its students.

Its NCAA membership which was created in 2007 and is dubbed the Urban Knights are made up of 16 collegiate sports teams which include women’s and men’s soccer teams, women’s and men’s basketball team, and golf teams. Being exposed to art and sports at the same time, the university observed that important characteristics and positive attributes that are essential in sports are also found in cultivating arts.

Both art and sports practitioners have a very similar goal: to improve in their crafts. Whether it be sports or arts, the two groups are always passionate about improving themselves. This is just one of the characteristics that made students grow and evolve into better people.

To be able to improve in a field, both an athlete and an art student starts via coaching. What makes the first steps hard is through the criticisms they get from coaches who aim to polish and hone their skills. In an early age, both teams are able to handle criticisms easily.

Art and athlete students also have better time-management skills because of their commitments on other things such as studies. They become more responsible in using their time, which is essential for the corporate world. Another positive characteristic that one can get in both art and sports is an effective communication skill. Art is about teamwork as sports do, and to develop skills and improve, working with other people is a must.

Students who are involved in art or sports have better organizational skills. Both use specific materials and tools for their crafts, which should be cleaned, repaired, or transported, making students organize their things better. And last but not least, both art and sports stir a healthy drive of ambition, which is necessary to succeed in life.